The book launch took place at Never Stop Reading in Zurich:

Kunst + Bau, Der Neubau der FHS St. Gallen und die Kunst

Maria Nänny, Author, Publisher | Curator FHS St. Gallen

Marianne Burkhalter, Jury, Architect | Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

Lorenzo Giuliani und Christian Hönger, Giuliani Hönger Architects

Design: Roland Brauchli

Park Books 2020

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The Office Mitte building in Schaan was completed before Christmas, the office space is now being used. The construction of Office Nord has progressed and the Hilti campus can be experienced by now.

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FLUX goldener Verkehrsknoten 2019

Railway Station St. Gallen

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Competition 2019, 1. Prize

Zwicky Areal

Railway Station St. Gallen