Replacement clinical centre 2 Universitiy Hospital, Basel

“More space, more greenery, more light”

The new building for Klinikum 2 forms an ensemble together with the existing Klinikum 1 and frames the Spitalgarten, which is the most important public space on the site. Klinikum 2 consists of a 60-metre-high tower that contains the patient beds and a plinth building housing the clinical functions, which takes up the eaves height of the surrounding urban buildings.

Within the inserted building figure internal courtyards of different proportions allow daylight to be directed into the interior and facilitate orientation. Sensible building depths and a square structural grid of 8.10 x 8.10 metres produce the required flexibility. A semi-public, two-storey passageway leads from Petersgraben to the Spitalgarten and provides clearly identifiable accesses to all the important functions.

With light-coloured prefabricated concrete elements, the architectural appearance reflects the structure as primary structure, while differentiated areas of infill, glazed in some places, opaque in others, allow a response to be made to the different functional needs.


Spitalstrasse 21, 4031 Basel


University Hospital Basel


Replacement clinical centre 2


Competition 2012, 1. Prize

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