Wohnhaus Casa Giuliani, St. Moritz, 2014—2016, Direct

Presenting the view

Like the nearby Segantini Museum the Giuliani House does not stand on the fall line of the slope but faces towards the exceptional mountain landscape and the Segantini Cabin below the Piz Albris. The conical floorplan creates a broad facade towards the view; the shape of the roof, which is inverted towards the middle, reflects the internal spatial articulation of the roof storey.

The north-western staircase, which faces the neighbouring building, leads from the ground floor with the garages and ancillary spaces to five apartments. On the two top floors there are two L-shaped single-storey apartments and one duplex, which are interconnected.

The roof and the walls of the building are clad with natural slate tiles. The external wall is made in visible concrete and its character is shaped by large openings with larch frame windows, which alienate the traditional funnel shaped window, allow a maximum of daylight to enter and frame pictures of the landscape.

Reference image: Engadinerhaus Guarda, Photo: Joachim Kohler 2011


Via Aruons 33, 7500 St. Moritz


Erbengemeinschaft Giuliani




Direct commission

Planning period



best architects 2017


David Willen


Lars Aebersold, Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Nina Gschwend, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, Prisca Lieberherr, Carina Thurner