Pilatus Arena, Kriens

“Differentiated silhouette”

A 110-metre-high tower with privately owned apartments close to the Common, a 50-metre-high tower with rented apartments on Mattenhofplatz, and the low sports arena building that lies between them form a differentiated building figure. The outlines of the buildings follow the polygonal shape of the perimeter and create sensible outdoor spaces.

The two towers and the arena, with a spectator stand and two tiers, stand on a plinth that connects them. Interpreted as a city balcony, the foyer accesses all the tiers and offers a view of the street spaces and the expansive landscape. The apartments address the theme of living in a tower with daytime areas that are exposed to the view and more intimate night-time spaces.

In the facades prefabricated artificial stone and window elements are articulated in an ambivalent way and the primary structure is expressed externally. In the interior an elegant building shell addresses the theme of an exposed place to spend time, between the arena and public space.


Hochbühlstrasse, 6003 Luzern


Sports hall/ Residential building

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