Pilatus Arena und Wohntürme Pilatus, Kriens, 2018—2026, Competition 1st Prize

Silhouette with an urban balcony

Two high-rise residential towers and a lower handball arena form an urban-planning silhouette with a powerful character at Kriens Station. While the 50-metre high residential tower at Mattenplatz refers to the nearby towers, the residential tower on Bahnhofplatz, which is 110 metres high, is orientated towards the Lucerne Allmend.

The tower at Mattenplatz contains rented apartments, while the tower at Bahnhofplatz accommodates small “movement” flats and large owner-occupied apartments. The polygonal outlines give the buildings a slim character and form sensible spatial relationships with the context. Inside, the polygonal form is apparent in the daytime areas, while the individual spaces are orthogonal and diversely furnishable.

The foyer of the arena grandstand appears as a glazed urban balcony hovering over its base, affording views of the promenade and neighbourhood. The glazing has a fine vertical structure, giving the arena a lantern-like appearance. The residential towers have a pleasant structure through their two-storey combination and rhythmical organisation with pillars, cornices and wall surfaces in concrete stone.

Information about the flats: pilatustower.ch

Project page: pilatusarena.ch


Hochbühlstrasse, 6003 Luzern


Sports hall/ Residential building


Competition 2017, 1. Prize

Planning period





Antoni Armengol, Patric Barben, Christophe Besson, Reto Bleiker, Kevin Bracher, Mirco Cortesi, Maurin Elmer, Lorenzo Giuliani, Pascal Hofmann, Christian Hönger, Fabienne Hugi, Ryan Muhr, Patrick Perämäki, Christine Wöhner, Ignacio Zabalo