Neubau Medizinisches Zentrum Spital Nidwalden, Stans, 2023—2026, Competition 1st Prize


Through the formation of the striking head building and the arrangement of the low-rise building, the extension gives the Nidwalden Hospital a new face and at the same time merges the existing buildings into an overall ensemble.

The newly located main entrance to the Nidwalden hospital is accessed via a generous green space, which replaces the existing outdoor parking spaces and from which the large event hall and the staff oasis are clearly visible as the end of the two buildings.

The sustainable timber construction project looks for similarities to the existing buildings in terms of structure and degree of openness, while at the same time showing a clear constructive structure and internal and external materialisation. The structure of the façade elements, which are covered with photovoltaics, creates an interesting interplay of light and shadow that lends the structure of the new building its lightness.

Seijo Villa, Kenzo Tange, Tokyo 1951–53


Ennetmooserstrasse 19, 6370 Stans


Spital Nidwalden Immobilien-Gesellschaft (SNIG)


Competition 2022–2023, 1. Prize

Planning period





Patric Barben, Mirco Cortesi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Antonia Hoffmeier, Christian Hönger, Martin Künzler, Kristina Mueller, Alexander Rohm, Christian Senn, Carla Skeries