Musikhaus Kraftzentrale vonRoll-Areal, Bern, 2010—2018, Competition 1st Prize

Bracing spatial figure

The listed power station is a witness that contributes to the balance between old and new on the vonRoll site. In the new House of Music the foyer creates a system public routes at the centre of the future campus.

Between the existing building envelope and the new loadbearing spatial figure in the interior, the music rooms are made as chambers that offer ideal acoustic conditions. Through the way they integrate the riser zones the internal walls lend the corridor spaces a rhythm.

Prestressed, differently coloured cement brick walls provide earthquake stability and, through the light-coloured mortar joints, produce a sensual atmosphere. In the interior this quality is strengthened by the new windows with natural wood frames, while the delicate historical glazing preserves the industrial character externally.

Reference image: Carlo Scarpa, Museo di Castelvecchio Verona 1958–64, Foto: Riccardo Bianchini


Fabrikstrasse 4, 3012 Bern


Amt für Grundstücke und Gebäude des Kantons Bern


University house of music


Competition 2004, 1st Prize

Planning period



best architects 2019


David Willen, Walter Mair image 2


Matthias Bircher, Peter Blume, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, Joos Kündig, Yin Li, Severin Oswald