Fussgänger- und Fahrradbrücke Steigerhubel, Bern, 2020, Competition 1st Prize


The pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Bern Ausserholligen override the track field without supports at the narrowest and topographically highest points of the perimeter. The two exits respond to the context and are differently formulated. The bicycle ramp in the north side insert in a gentle wave to the park, while in the south side the ramp crosses the new square. The soft design reveals the structure as an architecture of movement.

The cross-section of the bridge is a trapezoidal box girder, which changes continuously between 0.6 meters in the ramp area and 2.0 meters in the center of the bridge. The different curvature in the bottom and the top creates an enormous tension. The lift towers are divided in vertical segments of 1 Meter and translucent glazed.

The welded steel structure is painted in a matt steel color. In order to keep the weight low, the road is covered with a thin layer of paving. The banister, which is as transparent as possible, is illuminated by handrail lighting at night. The glazed lift towers glow at night and mark the accesses to the bridge.

Reference image: Berthold Lubetkin, Penguin Pool London Zoo 1933


Steigerhubel, 3008 Bern


Infrastrukturbau, Velo- und Fussgängerpasserelle


Studienauftrag 2020, 1. Preis




Patric Barben, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Ralf Zwahlen