Kocherei Areal, Attisholz, 2022, Competition 2nd Prize

Bernd, Hilla and Max

The project responds to the concept of urban space with the principle of porosity with an inner passage, a passage to the courtyard and two external staircases that connect the three levels of Kochereiplateau, Attisboulevard and Aarekai. The "Kocherei" building, as a historically valuable structure, is integrated obviously into an ensemble of three buildings and referred to as "Bernd, Hilla and Max".

Kocherei, Riegel, Quader and Sockelbau offer a diverse mix of uses including commerce, production, services, sales, gastronomy and a club room or a large-scale distributor. In addition, very different types of flats are proposed: Movements, loft flats, maisonettes, storey flats or through flats with a view of the courtyard and the Aare.

The industrial style is continued in a contemporary architectural expression: The supporting structure of the Kocherei is extended identically with its concrete lattice and supplemented with an insulated wooden lining from the inside. The Riegel and Quader are sheathed in a shell of prefabricated wooden elements and clad on the outside with photovoltaic elements. A lush greenery with shade plants enlivens the courtyard space.


Attisholz Areal Kocherei, 4533 Riedholz


Competition 2022, 2nd Prize




Patric Barben, Reto Bleiker, Mirco Cortesi, Kacper Cywinski, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Elizabeth Müller, Patrick Perämäki, Roc-Andrea Rüegg, Julia Tary