Neubau Wohnsiedlung BFG-Areal, Zürich, 2022—2023, Competition 1st Prize

Composite Presence

The heterogeneous development of the surrounding area requires a differentiated urban design: an ensemble of three different building types - a courtyard house, two rows of flats and a 60 metre high residential tower - creates good spatial transitions to the neighbouring buildings as well as different and attractive free spaces. A sheltered garden courtyard, forecourts facing Baslerstrasse and the Basilisk site and a large, inviting residential garden upgrade the entire neighbourhood.

Three simple, archetypal building types also create a differentiated and attractive range of flats for a diversified tenancy base. The predominantly external circulation areas promote social interaction, revitalise the open spaces and, last but not least, increase the required space efficiency.

The various buildings will also have efficient, sustainable and economical load-bearing structures. A concrete column-slab structure is proposed for the tower, a purely timber construction for the rows and a hybrid construction with timber columns, concrete beams and reused ceiling slabs from the existing buildings for the courtyard house. The existing car park can also continue to be used, reinforced and extended. The buildings differ in terms of their architectural appearance and colour scheme to create a lively neighbourhood.


Baslerstrasse 8048 Zurich


Halter AG Gesamtleistungen


Residential building


Competition 2023, 1. Prize




Rui Alves, Patric Barben, Kacper Cywinski, Lorenzo Giuliani, Halima Hassan, Antonia Hoffmeier, Christian Hönger, Alexander Rohm, Roc-Andrea Rüegg, Lorenzo Visentini