EWB Entwicklung Ausserholligen VI, Bern, 2022—2027, Competition 1st Prize


With similar widths and spacing, but with staggered heights, four slender high-rises – in contrast to the horizontal structure of the motorway bridge – write an attractive skyline into the sky. The offsets of the skyscrapers in a north-south direction create empty spaces and enable views through and across. The urban high-rise ensemble is surrounded by a dense and diverse natural environment.

The central high-rise stands centrally on the new neighbourhood square and is conceived as a vertical overlapping of uses with intermixed neighbourhoods. The Viaduktforum with its hall, grandstand and bistro, studios, creative industries and cultural scene are nestled in the base. The upper floors house a cooperative with a variety of subsidised or self-supporting flats, with collective, semi-public uses on a mezzanine floor with a terrace.

An efficient column-and-plate system with continuous load transfer supports the 97-metre high-rise. An energy network, green plinth sections, prefabricated timber façades and a photovoltaic envelope coordinated with the neighbours fulfil the promising sustainability goals of the high-rise ensemble.

Reference image: Bernd and Hilla Becher, Zeche Hannover 1973


Ausserholligen between Europaplatz and Weyermannshaus Bern


Energie Wasser Bern


Competition 2020–2021, 1. Prize

Planning period


Project team

Team Halter: Giuliani Hönger, E2A, pool Architekten, Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur


Filippo Bolognese Images