11. February 2021

Pilatus Tower Kriens, start of flat marketing

The sales marketing of the condominiums in the Pilatus Tower is currently running.The taller of the two towers in the Pilatus Arena ensemble will be the highest building in the canton of Lucerne and will offer a wide range of flats with views of the city, lake and Pilatus. Information about the flats can be found at www.pilatustower.ch



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4. February 2021

Bürohaus Office Nord Hilti, Schaan

A look into the construction site shows, that the finishing work is currently in full swing and the building will be completed this summer. After we had the pleasure to develop the Innovation Centre, the Administration Building and the Office Mitte at the headquarter in Schaan, with the Office Nord will arise a harmonious ensemble and with the campus park one year later the development of the area will be finished.

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22. December 2020

Happy holidays and a good start into 2021

We look forward to the coming year and present a retro- and prospect view from our model archive.