28. August 2023

Current view of the construction site towards Kriens

Work on the excavation pit and civil engineering is in progress. The footprint of the new building ensemble can already be seen. On the left, facing Mattenplatz, a residential tower is being built that, with its 50-metre height, relates to the surrounding towers, centrally, you can see the geometry of the Arena with its future 4000 seats, and towards Bahnhofsplatz, the taller residential tower is being built, which will face the Lucerne Allmend.

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30. June 2023

1st prize in the anonymous project competition for Nidwalden Hospital

We are very pleased to have won another 1st prize in the anonymous project competition for the new "Medizinisches Zentrum Nidwalden". Through the formation of the striking head building and the clear positioning of the low building, the extension gives the Nidwalden Hospital a new face and at the same time combines the existing buildings into an overall ensemble. The newly located main entrance to the Nidwalden hospital is accessed through a generous green space, which replaces the existing outdoor parking spaces and from which the large event hall and the employees' oasis are clearly visible as the end of the two buildings. The sustainable timber construction project looks for similarities to the existing building in terms of structure and degree of opening, while at the same time showing its clear constructive structure and interior and exterior materialisation. The structure of the façade elements covered with photovoltaics creates an interesting interplay of light and shadow that lends the volumes of the new building their lightness.

Rendering: maaars

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5. May 2023

1st prize in the Chance Uetikon study competition

We are very pleased to have won another 1st prize in the “Chance Uetikon” study competition. The sculptural design of the buildings with risalits creates differentiated courtyard spaces and interrelated buildings with their own identities, addresses and good scalability. The structures and the plantings create different qualities of stay and situational privacy or openness and transparency and a varied environment. The longitudinal buildings along the Seestrasse provide noise protection and are also modulated and rhythmicised by outside bays. The differentiated structures also allow for the desired variety of flat types and sizes and last but not least, the risalites and oriels create good visual references to the lake, slope and courtyard spaces.


We are already looking forward to the next steps.

Rendering: maaars