28. August 2022

Office trip Monte Verità

We made a summer trip to Ascona and Locarno to follow the early traces of the Ticino Tendenza as well as more recent projects by younger architects. We spent the night on Monte Verità in Emil Fahrenkamp's former sanatorium from 1929, which was renovated as a hotel in 1970 and extended by Livio Vacchini in 1990 to include a wing with a restaurant and auditorium. Following in the footsteps of the Ticino Tendenza, we were able to visit Luigi Snozzi's Casa Snider (together with Livio Vacchini) and Casa Kalman, which are considered milestones of 1970s Swiss architecture. What was surprising and convincing for our young team about both houses was how they fit into the landscape or the village structure in a differentiated way.

11. August 2022

Fachhochschulzentrum Graubünden

The new building for the University of Applied Sciences Centre was presented at the media conference on 10 August, after it had been confirmed by the cantonal government of Graubünden. The building project is to be discussed in parliament in autumn and submitted to the electorate in spring 2023. The five locations in the city of Chur are to be combined on one campus with the new building and the existing building on Pulvermühlestrasse. Construction of the new building is scheduled to begin in autumn 2024, and the university is to begin operating in spring 2028.

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25. July 2022

Award best architects 23

The Surber Burri building in Regensberg won the award in the housing architecture category. At first glance, the façade integrates itself mimicry-like into the row of houses in the Oberburg as a plastered timber-framed building typical of the locality. At second glance, the frame not only reveals the actual construction, but also expresses the internal spatial order to the outside. The day areas of the large owner-occupied flat and the two smaller rented flats are arranged one above the other and pierce the structure in such a way that daylight can enter deeply in the higher south-facing areas. We are delighted to have received the "best architects 23 award".

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