HF für Tourismus Academia Engiadina – Fassadensanierung, Samedan, 2019—2021, Competition 1st Prize

The “Stoffwechsel” of natural slate

The building envelope and roof cover in natural slate will be replaced and provided with modern insulation as part of overall renovation work after a period of 25 years. In the meantime, the box-type windows, which were area flat with the façade and had integrated sunblinds, have been replaced by strip windows made of wood and metal, with external sunblinds.

The formats of the façade panels, the principle used to join them and the effect of the ensemble are retained despite the different material used. The distinction between structural openings and strip-windows is no longer achieved by the rabbet depth and instead by the detailed finishing and materialisation. The façade envelope reaches into the reveals of the structural openings, while the strip windows are framed on all sides by slim, flat iron.

An equivalent, but lighter and more sustainable material replaces the anthracite natural slate panels, without losing their colour, surface quality or shine in the Upper Engadin light. Stained, anodised and fully recyclable cast aluminium panels create a related, lively surface, reflecting its open-cast production method.


Quadratscha 18, 7503 Samedan


Academia Engiadina


Tourism Vocational School


Competition 1994, 1st Prize

Planning period

1994–1997 (Fassadensanierung 2019–2021)


Heinrich Helfenstein, Giesserei Rüetschi, Giuliani Hönger


Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Christian Hönger, Yin Li