Bahnhof und Bahnhofplatz, St. Gallen, 2009—2018, Competition 1st Prize

Urban hub

The new buildings for the arrivals hall, the waiting areas and the public underpass, together with the adaptation of the ground floor of the historic station building and the existing pedestrian underpass West allow St Gallen’s train station precinct to be integrated meaningfully in the design of the city.

The character of the square is shaped by its historical stone architecture based on the model of the “Piazza delle Erbe” in Verona. In contrast, the arrivals hall and the waiting shelters, under the motto “Akara” are light and airy structures that offer a clear contrast. The crystalline arrivals hall projects somewhat into the square, clearly identifying the new place for arrivals and departures.

Through the use of light-coloured steel and translucent glass and the change between daylight and artificial light the arrivals hall and the waiting shelters alter their appearance during the day, at dusk and at night. The entrance hall of the historical station building is freed from disfiguring insertions and augmented with full height glazing.

Reference image: Isamu Nogushi, Light Sculptures, Leuchte 3X 1951, Photo: Ryan Paonessa


Bahnhofplatz, 9000 St. Gallen


Tiefbauamt Stadt St. Gallen, Hochbauamt Stadt St. Gallen, SBB Infrastruktur, SBB Immobilien


Railway station and forecourt


Competition 2009, 1. Prize

Planning period



best architects 2020

Flux Prize 2019

Prix Acier 2018, recognition


David Willen


Pedro Cardoso, Lorenzo Giuliani, Roger Heeb, Christian Hönger, Ties Linders, Christian Senn, Lea Truninger