Hochschulzentrum vonRoll-Areal, Bern, 2004, Competition 1st Prize

Constellation of Old and New

The vonRoll-area is a new element of the City University of Berne and is located at the border of the quarter of Länggass and the forest of Bremgarten. The industrial location will be transformed to a think factory without seeing fragmented. In the final upgrade old and new buildings in different scales create a mood ensemble.

In a first stage a new chemical and computer engineering building replaces the old factory hall of 1904 in the same footprint from 79 to 108 meters. Three courtyards give a zenital light to the deep building down to the foyer of the auditoriums in the down floor. In the ground floor intern passages allows a public movement through the area.

With a three-shifted space arrangement, a clear circulation for people and technology and a modular bearing structure a system separation and sustainable flexibility are guaranteed. The new buildings connect with a building shell in brick to the old buildings in material and atmosphere. History and future will be brought together.

see Hörsaalgebäude

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Fabrikstrasse 6, 3012 Bern




Competition 2004, 1st Prize


Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Christian Hönger, Antje Machold, Philipp Riesen