Doppelhof und Ineinanderschule

Fachhochschule Sihlhof, Zurich 1999 1. Prize

In order to integrate the building in its heterogeneous surroundings in urban planning terms it has a calm front to Europa-Allee, while on the courtyard side it steps in two-storey blocks. The building reflects approximately the volume permitted by the building regulations and as a result can incorporate the sizable spatial program.

The two universities have a jointly used lightwell, which moves back and forth between single space and coherent courtyard figure. It creates visual and acoustic relationships and produces a strong identity.

The building envelope consists of large windows and prefabricated, three-dimensional artificial stone elements, which are fitted together tectonically so that they create a blocky corporality. The beige-yellowish colour of the polished Jura limestone relates to the dominant shades in the built surroundings.

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