Innovationszentrum Hilti, Schaan, 2008, Competition 1st Prize

Research, development and production under a single roof

Thanks to its lower height, the flat building allows the taller main office building to retain its dominance. The building structure chosen enables a simple extension to be added to the south, if needed.

The close connection of production, research and services in a single building forms the basis of the spatial concept and reflects the aims of the Hilti company. The heart of the complex is the tall, column-free experiment hall, which produces a wealth of relationships in both visual and functional terms.

Horizonal layers of opaque artificial stone bands and recessed ribbon windows give the building a calm, recumbent appearance that expresses the flexibility called for and captures the mountain panorama of the surroundings in its interior.

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Feldkircherstrasse 100, FL 9494 Schaan


Innovation centre


Competition 2008, 1. Prize


Deana Canonica, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Martin Künzler, Katsu Tsuboi, Tobias Ziegler