ZSC Eishockey-Arena und Voléro Volleyball-Arena, Zurich, 2012, Competition 2nd Prize

Precious striped pattern

The large building seeks a sensible expression for a long-distance effect on the adjoining motorway and railway line. Two volumetric incisions denote the two entrance areas for the ice hockey and volleyball arenas, their diagonal alignment preventing them from competing with each other.

The ground-plan arrangement takes the stipulations into account by placing the ice hockey arena in Vulkanstrasse and the volleyball arena in Bernerstrasse Süd. A public path connects the two entrance areas as a covered walkway.

Voluminous columns and beams support and span the halls without supports, integrating emergency exits, building technology and the load-bearing structure. Transparent, translucent and opaque in-filling is inserted as windows, or photovoltaic, acoustic or reflecting elements, creating a characteristic striped pattern both outside and inside the building.


Vulkanstrasse, 8048 Zurich


Sport arena


Competition 2012, 2nd Prize




Patric Barben, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, Martin Künzler, Tommaso Pace, Martino Simoni