Resort Yingpanxiang, Guizhou China, 2017, Planning

Comfort in the mountains

As part of an economic development program an unpopulated piece of mountainous countryside in the province of Guizhou, which is not dissimilar to the Swiss landscape, is to be developed as a holiday resort. The goal is gentle, sustainable tourism under the motto “comfort in the mountains”. In a newly created national park the resort is to be a place of deceleration, contemplation and relaxation for 500 (phase 1) to 700 guests (phase 2) with different demands.

Identity and uniqueness develop through the landscape space and the specific architecture. Simple wooden building types with sloping roofs are a conscious reference to local rural building traditions and to the traditional architecture of the Swiss Alps (Swissness). Access is by motorway to the village of Yingpanxiang and from there by aerial cableway, which promises exclusivity. The resort is car-free and only electric vehicles are permitted.


Yingpanxiang, Guizhou China


Guizhou Tourism Development Committee




Direct commission feasibility study

Planning period





Christian Cortesi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Mathias Kühn, Martin Künzler, Yin Li