Bürohaus Wüst und Wüst, Küsnacht, 2005—2011, Competition 1st Prize

Mushroom beside the lake

The mushroom-shaped volume with a ground floor that is free of columns and three upper floors is an eye-catcher on Seestrasse. With its rich character the architecture expresses the corporate identity of the firm Wüst und Wüst.

The building cantilevers above its ground floor base on all four sides and provides shelter for parked vehicles. On the upper floors the core is positioned slightly asymmetrically and zones the floor plan into three office areas that can be divided up freely, and a narrower area with a tea-kitchen. The rooftop level with lobby, meeting room and management office has three roof terraces.

Above the mushroom-head column clad with travertine slabs, large windows, staggered from floor to floor and framed in polished, anodised aluminium, determine the character of the facades. Inside, the exposed concrete walls that enclose the core are augmented by glazed office partition walls with ash frames.

Reference image: Harry Seidler, MLC Center Sydney 1977, Photo: Seidler Group Melbourne


Seestrasse 221, 8700 Küsnacht


Trio Wüst, Zürich


Office building


Competition 2005, 1. Prize

Planning period



best architects 2016, in gold

Award 2016 für Marketing + Architektur


David Willen


Patric Barben, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, Tobias Ziegler, Alexandra Weis