Universitätsspital Intensivstation OP Ost, Basel, 2019—2023, Direct

Pavilion construction

The new intensive care unit appears as a pavilion-like structure on top of the existing East Operating Wing designed by architects Schneider & Schneider and steigerconcept in 2017. Between Clinical Center 1, the bed tower and the base of Clinical Center 2, it creates an analogy with the top floor of Clinical Center 1 and the future nephrology unit on the base of Perimeter B. The floor plan strives for a maximally large outline, but recedes from the adjacent existing and new buildings with light and respect joints.

The single-story building consists of two clear bed clusters with 10 beds each. A stepped, wing-like roof hovers over the floor, allowing the room height to rise from 2.65 meters inside to 3.7 room height on the facade. A lot of daylight penetrates into the interior and at the same time the building services can be sensibly distributed on the ceiling. The facades and part of the partition walls are glazed to provide a good overview and view to the outside.

A steel structure is chosen to make the load-bearing structure of the superstructure as slender as possible. The secondary elements are provided serially, while the materialization follows the functional, hygienic and design requirements. The sand-colored plastic floor contrasts with the off-white walls and the light, warm gray ceilings made of metal panels.


Spitalstrasse 21, 4031 Basel


University Hospital Basel


Intensive Care Unit

Planning period



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Antoni Armengol, Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Christian Hönger, Martin Künzler, Yin Li, Kristina Mueller, Christine Wöhner