University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, Chur, 2021, Competition 1st Prize


To the north of Pulvermühlestrasse, the new building of the University of Applied Sciences will be compactly arranged and accessed via the campus square. Together with the existing UAS and the former switching station with the transformer tower, an ensemble is created with a connection to the park area of the Pulvermühle and the Obertorer Mühlbach. In a second stage, the existing building can be extended with the same sectional structure and given a new address facing the park.

The new building is divided into two four-storey wing buildings with inner courtyards and a single-storey entrance hall in between, which also serves as a foyer and exhibition space. On the ground floor, two multifunctional rooms and the refectory form a large, column-free hall of 1,200 square metres for the school and the population. The vertical distribution of use follows the principle of the decreasing public and creates a high degree of flexibility.

The supporting structure is a wood-concrete composite construction with an optimal choice of materials depending on the requirements. The building technology follows the principle of low-tech and system separation; the building envelope is constructed entirely in wood; roofs and façades are equipped with photovoltaics. The goals of future-oriented sustainability are communicated directly and didactically in the building.

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Pulvermühlestrasse 57, 7000 Chur


Hochbauamt Graubünden


University of Applied Sciences Centre


Competition 2021, 1. Prize




Patric Barben, Kacper Cywinski, Lorenzo Giuliani, Halima Hassan, Christian Hönger, Mathias Kühn, Elizabeth Müller, Patrick Perämäki