Städtebauliche Studie Sulzer Areal, Lagerplatz, Winterthur, 2007, Planning

Staggered silhouette

The characteristic industrial area near the railway lines is to be gradually transformed. Above all, the principle of its open spaces with longitudinal walkways and lateral squares will be preserved and developed further. The initial development is the Wylandplatz, with a new head-end structure. It is supplemented by Kesselschmiedeplatz at a more inner location and Kohleturmplatz in front of the perpendicular “Halle 180” of the ZHAW, including its heightened concrete silo tower. The entire area will be developed multifunctionally, while the individual buildings are monofunctional.

The buildings oscillate between relatedness and distinction. Various proportioned buildings are being inserted into the preserved silhouettes of the industrial halls, each with one flat, deep building for services, with a height of 11.6 metres, and one 19-metre high, undeep housing, as well as a courtyard in between. Furthermore, the service buildings contrast with the housing developments since the former have landscape-format apertures, while the latter have portrait-format openings. Together, the buildings form a coherent ensemble of physical, calm primary brickwork volumes.


8404 Winterthur


Stadt Winterthur, Amt für Städtebau


Städtebauliche Studie

Planning period



Daniela Frei, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Tobias Ziegler