Wohnhaus Gehring-Heijdemann, Davos, 2004—2005, Direct

From the church to dwelling house

Back in 1933 Rudolf Gaberel built the two-storey “Amitié House” out of the torso of a former Greek Orthodox church with a centralised cruciform plan in Davos Platz. The idea was that the memory of the synagogue spaces should remain tangible in the residential building.

The ground floor with the generous room heights becomes the daytime area, the basement, which has lower rooms, is the night-time area. In the main space on the ground floor the kitchen takes the place of the apse with the altar, while a dining, living and library zone now occupies the centralized space.

The floors are made of large three-ply panels of oiled larch. In the basement one feels protected by the honey-coloured, larch-like spatial mood. The wet areas are clad with gold-coloured porcelain stoneware mosaic.


7260 Davos




Renovation dwelling house


Direct commission

Planning period



Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Ilka Tegeler