Messehalle 1 Olma, St. Gallen, 2018, Competition 2nd Prize

Folded roof structure

A folded structure is spanned over an impressive area of 13,500 square metres, becoming the roof and a fifth façade. The special supporting structure enables a low eaves height of 15.5 metres, achieving a suitable continuity with the existing Hall 9 and ensuring a free view for the nearby development on the slope.

The folded structure spans the exhibition hall and the spacious foyer without requiring supports. The foyer combines with the hall and the forecourt to provide a wide range of use possibilities, while also accommodating the necessary auxiliary functions. The offices are suspended on a level above the foyer and beneath the folded structure, receiving natural light from the side and above.

The façade consists of a load-bearing, floating concrete crown with the same eaves height that transfers the loads to the few possible support points. The folded structure, which acts as the spatial supporting structure, is formed in a way that allows the edges to be constructed as tubular steel profiles and the triangular areas as light cross-laminated timber elements. The geometry and material of the folded structure creates the spatial atmosphere of a marquee inside the building.


Splügenstrasse 12, 9008 St. Gallen


Fair hall 1


Competition 2018, 2nd Prize




Patric Barben, Christian Cortesi, Mirco Cortesi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Nadia Vontobel