Eissportzentrum Signal, St. Moritz, 1996, Competition 1st Prize

Frozen ice cubes

The hall structure combines with the “Kurhotel” that stands perpendicular to the valley to characterise the entrance to the village of St. Moritz. The low building volume attractively complements the long, upright hotel building. The open character of the halls makes the building a new architectural landmark of the international winter spa location of St. Moritz.

Four hall arenas with the functions of an entrance and restaurant, ice hockey and speed skating, a curling hall and a climbing area are combined to create public passages on two levels between the halls. Continuous pillar series with glazing provide views into the sports showcases and also outwards into the special Alpine landscape.

All halls are surrounded on all sides by rows of wooden pillars and partitioned by glazing. The ice hockey hall is also equipped with box-like skylights and a single-storey grab ring made of concrete, including the required auxiliary uses. During the day, the building looks like a group of frozen ice cubes, while at night, it appears as a large luminous body.


St. Moritz


Ice rink


Competition 1996, 1. Prize


Michael Bucher, Conradin Clavuot, Tashi Dorji, Maurus Frei, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Adrian Langhart