Hilti administration building, Schaan

“Vertical free-standing building in the ensemble”

Renovating the façade strengthens the office block as a free-standing building amidst the low-rise production halls and the innovation centre, while at the same time a forecourt with a suitable approach and attractive meeting spaces for the staff is created.

The massive concrete canopy is a roof to the internal “marketplace” on the ground floor and identifies the public place as the main address on the site. The management area and the offices on the floors above are given a contemporary redesign.

The building envelope consists of storey-height windows and three-storey, light-coloured concrete lesenes that strengthen the building’s vertical quality. The open pavilions built of slender concrete ribs are sculptures made from light and shadow.


Feldkircherstrasse 100, FL 9494 Schaan


Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Administration building and forecourt


Direct commission


Prixforix 2018, 2. Prize

Planning period



Walter Mair

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