Vorplatz und Gartenpavillons Hilti, Schaan, 2015—2016, Direct

Hilti pavilions

The renovation of the main administration building meant moving the delivery and works traffic from the forecourt to allow the square to be used for more official access and reception purposes, as well as creating a meeting zone for the employees.

The lower retaining walls of the terraced square floor form a fountain and seatings. Furthermore, two pavilions are created as shady workplaces and meeting areas, as well as acting as an extension of the employees’ restaurant on the exterior grounds. The vertical and horizontal load-bearing structure is dissolved locally, providing access and allowing views into and out of the structure.

The pavilions’ floor plan consists of narrow, prefabricated concrete ribs with ceilings made of an in-situ cast concrete cassette structure. Vertical and horizontal ribs are produced in bright, white cement with a width of 6 cm and a depth of 37 cm. The pavilions appear as sculptures of light and shadow that are pervaded by trees and covered by climbing plants.

Reference image: Sverre Fehn, Nordic Pavilion Venice 1958–1962, Photo: Åke Lindman


Feldkircherstrasse 100, FL 9494 Schaan


Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Direct commission

Planning period



best architects 2018


Walter Mair


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Sonja Huber, Martin Künzler