Unterägeri apartment building, Zug

“Three-dimensional tangram in the archetype”

In compliance with the building regulations an archetypical house with a pitched roof is placed at the edge of the village. The building volume shifts back and forth between context-related typology and abstracted building figure.

Four maisonette apartments, each for one of four siblings, face in three directions. Each apartment has a double-height living room, a loggia and identical room modules. Along with a “granny flat” they are interlocked to create a three-dimensional tangram.

The primary spatial structure is made of concrete. It is encased in prefabricated, insulated wood elements and a cladding of small Eternit slates for the roof and walls. The corner openings of the staggered loggias expose the non-loadbearing shell and offer attractive views outside.

Photography: Walter Mair

Photography: Walter Mair

Photography: Walter Mair

Photography: Walter Mair


6314 Unterägeri




Residential building


Direct commission


Auszeichnung guter Bauten Kanton Zug 1996

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Walter Mair

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