Wohnhaus Kupper, Erlenbach, 1993—1996, Direct

Cross between stepped building and courtyard house

This building represents an unusual cross between a stepped building and a courtyard house. The monolithic stepped development on the sloping site contains a shared internal courtyard.

The five maisonette units are arranged around the empty centre formed by the courtyard. Two apartments create an L-shape that is wrapped around the corner of the building on the side facing the mountain, while three units occupy the wing on the valley side. Each unit has a combined living room / kitchen with a private roof terrace that offers a view of the lake.

The building is monolithically formed like a large block with blockwork walls and precast clay floor slab elements. The external facades are rendered and painted brick red, while the walls in the courtyard and on the terraces are faced with clay-coloured stoneware slabs.


Haus Kupper, 8703 Erlenbach




Residential building

Planning period



Hannes Henz


Fredi Doetsch, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Matthias Roth