Sporthalle Grafstal, Lindau, 2002—2005, Competition 1st Prize

Growing ensemble

Through the layout a meaningful ensemble is created, which is made up of the new sports hall and the existing school buildings and which forms a sequence of open spaces with different characters. A grove of trees facing the village road integrates the bus stop and marks the act of arrival.

The larger building consists of the sports hall with the spectators gallery, which opens onto the hall, while the smaller volume houses the locker rooms, wet rooms and the service spaces. Each building has its own entrance, but they are connected with each other at hall level.

Inside, both the sports hall and the locker room building are made of exposed concrete, externally they are rendered, which creates a connection to the existing buildings through materiality and colour. The copper sheet roofing underlines the effect made by the ensemble.


Rütelistrasse 1 Grafstal, 8315 Lindau


Schulpflege Lindau


Sports facility


Competition 2002, 1. Prize

Planning period



Roger Frei


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Regula Steinmann, Rico Wasecha