Tramhaltestelle Eigerplatz, Bern, 2010—2018, Competition 1st Prize

Flying roof

Two delicate roofs subtly delineate the space for the tram tracks, a yard, and a lane leading to the high-rise plinth. They differentiate between zones of movement and quiet, and created covered waiting areas at the tram stops, as well as a kiosk.

The roofs are hovering surfaces that cast shadows during the day and at night become bright glowing soffits. At the same time, they are like large gutters and reflectors, while the columns that form the structure function as rainwater downpipes and carry the light fittings. In contrast the kiosk and waiting areas are like ergonomically shaped urban furniture placed beneath the roof.

The roofs are made of slightly curved, welded metal sheets, the kiosk is a metal-clad timber structure, while the waiting bays are simply made of straight or curved glass sheets that project upwards.

Reference image: Arne Jacobsen, Tankstelle Skovshoved 1936, Photo: Philip Wiper


Eigerplatz, 3007 Bern


Stadt Bern, BERNMOBIL, Energie Wasser Bern


Design of square


Competition 2010, 1. Prize

Planning period



David Willen


Lorenzo Giuliani, Mathieu Gutzwiller, Roger Heeb, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, Jordan Leonardis, Prisca Lieberherr, Christian Senn