Dachaufbau Muntaditsch, St. Moritz, 1990—1991, Direct

Space with views St. Moritz

On the roof of a business and residence house from the 60’s near Segantini’s museum a penthouse is built, which works as an independent apartment. The generous room is subdivided in different living areas by an inner core and push walls.

Differentiated openings give various prospects to these areas. The band window leads the inhabitants from stair to living area and allows only sitting a view to the village. The panorama window allows a view to the generous landscape like Segantini’s pictures. Smaller openings in the kitchen and sleeping areas give daylight and protect from insight.

The Penthouse is completely built in wood. The static range of over 7 meter will be surrounded by beams in plywood. The walls and the ceiling of the room are clothed with veneered plates in maple, while the core and his closets are built in plywood plates in beech.


Muntaditsch, 7500 St. Moritz




Direct commission

Planning period



Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Darko Stula