Wohnhäuser Zentralstrasse, Dietikon, 2006, Competition 1st Prize

Stepped long building and point buildings

The closed building pattern is continued on Zentralstrasse, whereas on Florastrasse an open development pattern is used, with buildings at specific points. By stepping down the long volume on Zentralstasse from five to three storeys a sensible transition is made from the higher centre zone to the lower core zone.

Shops occupy the ground floor of the long building on Zentralstrasse. On the upper floors and in the point-like buildings at the rear apartments of different sizes and typologies are laid out.

Despite the different scales, in terms of architectural appearance the buildings form a coherent ensemble. The building volumes, stepped elements, balconies and canopies are harmonised with each other sculpturally and in terms of the materials used.

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Zentralstrasse 2–10, 8953 Dietikon


Housing complex


Competition 2006, 1st Prize


Deana Canonica, Lorenzo Giuliani, Tobias Greiner, Christian Hönger