Sporthalle Bleichematt, Biberist, 2010, Competition 2nd Prize

Reorganisation of open spaces

The triple sports hall is situated along the line of the existing Bleichermatt sports halls and restructures the open spaces into the northern playground, the park, the marquee and the southern all-weather area of the Mühlematt school building. The planned option of an upper-school building would separate the school’s all-weather area from the playground at a later date.

The ground-level, 10-metre high triple sports hall is connected to the existing facility by means of an L-shaped, enveloping building with an eaves height of 7.5 metres. It includes the two-storey entrance hall and changing rooms on two levels, as well as infrastructural rooms and a grandstand. The hall itself is orientated towards the north and additionally lit and ventilated by a lateral skylight to the south.

The architectural appearance is characterised by a concrete frame and wooden panelling, aspects that refer to the Bleichermatt school. The columns are made of prefabricated concrete elements and give the building its public character. The wooden in-filling consists of opaque or translucent wooden lattices that are reminiscent of rural barn buildings and creates filtered, glare-free light indoors.


Schachenstrasse 6, 4562 Biberist


Sports hall


Competition 2010, 2. Prize


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, René Schrödl