Oberstufenzentrum Blatten, Männedorf, 2001, Competition 1st Prize

Empty centre

The existing school that dates from 1948 is given a new end building and extended by introducing a layer of spaces at the rear so that it forms the spine of the entire school complex. The new end building with the main entrance now stands at the same level as the schoolyard, while the existing part of the building remains at a higher level.

At the centre of the complex an internal light well is created between old and new. At the transition from entrance level to ground floor a one-and-a-half storey high entrance hall is created that can handle the throng of more than 300 pupils. The two-storey hall above it is used during breaks from lessons.

The architectural appearance of the new building responds to the theme of relationship and differentiation, while for both economic and conservation reasons most of the existing building is preserved.

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Schulstrasse 30, 8708 Männedorf




Competition 2001, 1st Prize


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Tibor Pataky, Rico Wasecha