Wohnüberbauung Scheco, Winterthur, 1998, Competition 2nd Prize

Transparent housing structures

Rows of housing are fanned out and span the space between the bend in the railway line and the curved River Eulach. Garden courtyards alternate with forecourts, reaching into the Eulach tree plantation. Two-storey commercial buildings along Hegi-Strasse combine with the head-end façades of the housing rows to create forecourts, protecting inner courtyards from the noise of the trains.

The five-storey buildings contain a variety of apartments and are organised as three-winged structures. Their typological arrangement allows the distribution of apartments with 2 to 5 rooms. The lower commercial buildings also have simple spatial volumes and are flexibly usable.

The residential buildings are characterised by the primary structure in a cross-wall construction with projecting ceiling slabs and flexibly organised secondary elements. This allows floor-high glazing for the eastern and western façades, ensuring good natural light in the apartments, as well as a high degree of interior transparency.


Scheco Areal Winterthur




Competition 1998, 2. Prize


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Christa Vogt