Firmensitz Rieter, Winterthur, 2017, Competition 2nd Prize

Factory as a city

The site of the textile machinery manufacturer Rieter is prominently located at the Winterthur exit of the A1 motorway. In the final development, the three buildings of the headquarters, technology centre and assembly hall appear as a quarter and form urban spaces. With Klosterstrasse in the north, a triangular square is created as a place of arrival, while in the south the buildings along the Töss create a park with the Old Mill and Turbine House. With the alleys in between, the buildings create passages and views.

The self-explanatory sequence of the three buildings corresponds to the value chain from idea to product. While the hybrid buildings or the outer and inner alleys represent the warp threads, an internal connection on upper floor 1 along Rieter-Platz forms the interlinking weft thread to the ensemble of buildings.

In the spirit of industrial construction, efficient load-bearing structures are proposed in each case. A concrete skeleton structure is planned for the headquarters with office uses, prefabricated concrete frames for the stacked halls of the technology centre, and a shed roof structure in steel construction for the assembly hall. The architectural appearance is characterised by perforated, textile-looking corrugated metal claddings, which also as glare or sun protection creates good, attractive workplaces.


Klosterstrasse 20, 8406 Winterthur


Competition 2018, 2nd Prize




Antoni Armengol, Patric Barben, Pedro Cardoso, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Yin Li, Andreas Sager