Raduner Areal, Horn, 2020, Competition 2nd Prize


The Bachgallen Ost development site on Lake Constance lies between the lakeshore and the lakeside road. Thanks to a comb-like arrangement of the various buildings as "handles" and "prongs" across the lakeshore, the park-like courtyard spaces interlock like bays with the adjacent reed planting of the lakeshore and the landscape space of the lake.

For the special location on the lake, various typologies with lake views are developed for the different groups of residents. Cubic row buildings with ground-floor commercial and rental flats on the upper floors accompany the lakeside road and create noise protection for the area. Staggered row buildings with classic condominiums combine the view of the lake with the capture of the southern sun. Finally, on the lake front are villa-like point buildings with exclusive condominiums. In the transition to the industrial area, a simple row building with maisonette rental flats is arranged.

The architectural appearance is characterised by the structural distinction between the open, communicative daytime areas and the private, more intimate night-time areas and follows the differentiation of the typologies. In addition to individualising the building types, the colour scheme creates a subtle, mimicry-like integration into the building context.


Seestrasse 100, 9326 Horn


Competition 2021, 2nd Prize




Patric Barben, Kacper Cywinski, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Mathias Kühn, Elizabeth Müller