Wohn- und Pflegezentrum Burgerwiese, Mörschwil, 2010, Competition 2nd Prize

Shingled body with wings

The large building volume is structured into three wings that are more suitable for integration into the small-scale context. Compared to the three-storey neighbouring buildings, only the structure of the apartments marking the entrance area appear to be higher. The stepped terraces frame three differently used open spaces: the entrance square with the outdoor area of the cafeteria, the garden for the dementia department and the playing garden for the children’s day care centre.

An atrium is aligned centrally to create a point of orientation and provide light from above for the access areas inside and the dementia department in Basement Level 1. On the ground floor, it adjoins with a multifunctional space, a restaurant and a kitchen, as well as administrative offices and doctor’s practices. The upper levels each accommodate one nursing department and two apartments facing south and south-east.

The timber-element construction of the building’s envelope is clad in shingles on the ground floor and upper levels. By contrast, the base has concrete walls placed in front of the timber-element walls, acting as a second envelope. Inside, the exterior walls appear as a wooden lattice, while the ceilings and interior walls have a mural finish and are covered with a lime plaster.


Mörschwil, 9402 St. Gallen


Apartments for the elderly


Competition 2010, 2nd Prize


Patrick Ernst, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Tobias Ziegler