Wohn- und Gewerbehaus Limmatfeld, Dietikon, 2011, Competition 1st Prize

Open courtyard

The Weidenhof residential and commercial building forms the keystone in the spatial definition of Rapidplatz, where the end element provides a meaningful contrast to the building by Adolf Krischanitz. On top of a plinth that fills the plot and houses commercial functions, two L-shaped residential buildings and a rectangular courtyard with views are inscribed in the triangular shape.

The upper floors of the L-shaped volumes differ in depth, creating a variety of apartment types that have different orientations, circuits and views. A two-storey commercial space offers a restaurant facility that faces onto Rapidplatz.

The architectural appearance refers to the traditional urban building type with a plinth, a main section several storeys high, and a terminating roof level. The plinth areas have prefabricated, sand-blasted artificial stone elements and large openings, the upper floors with French windows and horizontal cornices are articulated in fibre concrete.

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Heimstrasse/ Schulgutstrasse/ Grünaustrasse, Dietikon


Housing and commercial building


Competition 2011, 1st Prize


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Julia Koch, René Schrödl