Uni Irchel Lernzentrum Strickhof, Zurich, 2002, Competition 1st Prize

Traces of history

The Strickhof, which is listed in the conservation inventory and is already used for university functions, was renovated and extended to serve as a learning centre and the administration offices of Irchel University’s main library.

Preserving the vertical distribution of functions in the individual buildings, which grew through conversions and additions from 1672 onwards, ensures that the history of how the building developed remains legible. Inserting a second vertical circulation system allows the individual buildings to be used independently of each other.

Interventions in the building substance are reduced to the minimum required to fulfil the new functions. The colour concept developed together with Andrea Burkhard underlines the idea behind the interventions, as the growth of the existing building remains legible and a stimulating atmosphere for learning develops.

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Strickhofstrasse 35, 8057 Zurich




Competition 2002, 1. Prize


Sabine Annen, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Rico Wasecha