Kehrichtverwertungsanlage Kebag, Zuchwil, 2016, Competition Shortlist

Big form between the earth and sky

The ground plan of the new building has an S-shaped figure that combines with two rows of trees to frame clear open spaces. With a height of around 50 metres, the building towers over the area around it, creating a striking effect in the flat landscape.

The new building has a structure consisting of the eastern bunker facility with a height of around 46 metres, the adjoining base section and, rotated away from it, the administrative wing, each made of in-situ cast concrete and with heights of 17 metres. The hall of the incineration line, which is a steel construction, is supported by the base section that projects slightly over the bunker facility and appears to hover over a joining band of windows.

The in-situ cast concrete walls are cast with a large-scale steel formwork and coloured with fly ash. The steel structure of the hall placed on the base is insulated with sheet-metal sandwich elements and clad in deeply profiled, chromed steel sheeting that reflects the mood of the weather and the colour of the sky.


Emmenspitz, 4528 Zuchwil


Waste incineration plant


Competition 2016, shortlisted




Antoni Armengol, Christian Cortesi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger