Garderobengebäude Juchhof, Zurich, 2005, Competition 2nd Prize

Powerful roofs

Two single-storey changing-room buildings are arranged between football pitches so that they conform to the length and breadth of one pitch. To leave a lasting impression on railway passengers passing by, both buildings are highlighted by powerful roofs with a height of 1.8 metres.

Two recessed volumes with infrastructural areas are arranged beneath the roofs, including changing rooms, showers, storage, a restaurant, offices and auxiliary uses, providing attractive, weather-protected access areas. The voluminous roofs allow the integration of skylight-windows and building technology, as well as enabling contrasting room heights.

Thanks to the single-storey, timber prefabrication and the simple finishing standard, the project can be completed quickly and economically. The orange colour complements the grass colour and seeks analogies in the sporting world. From above, the extensively green roofs appear as grass pitches, thereby camouflaging the buildings.


Vulkanstrasse 200, 8048 Zurich


Sports ground


Competition 2005, 2nd Prize


Daniel Gardi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger