Wohn- und Gewerbehäuser Geistlich Areal, Schlieren, 2014, Competition Shortlist

Diversity in unity

The property is completely occupied up to the standard eaves height of 24 metres, while the residential tower on Geistlich-Platz rises a further 24 metres above it. The large form is structured using four courtyards, thereby providing additional natural light. An entrance courtyard, an atrium, a courtyard for vegetation and a garden courtyard give the individual unity their internal identities.

The building is structured into thee units: the residential tower with cluster, studio and loft apartments, the centre for the elderly with nursing wards, apartments for the elderly and a multifunctional room, as well as the apartment building with studios and apartments for young couples. All three units have their own entrances and internal access figures.

The structural expression refers to the industrial architecture that was prevalent at the Geistlich estate and is moderately echoed in the relic of the so-called Leimi. Three levels of scale become visible in this way: the structured volume, the structure consisting of the base and its superstructure, and the structure of the different floors. Between the pillars, openings and plastered in-filling are finely differentiated depending on the building unit.


Brandstrasse 15, 8952 Schlieren


Residential and commercial building


Competition 2014, shortlisted


Peter Blume, Mirco Cortesi, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Nadia Vontobel