Seniorenzentrum Bubenholz, Opfikon, 2007, Competition 1st Prize

Space-defining figure

The buildings’ constellation forms a courtyard garden area at the heart of the grounds, which is framed on three sides and enjoys ideal sunlight conditions. A recumbent volume with nursing rooms runs along Müllackerstrasse, referencing to the eaves height of the surrounding developments. It is contrasted by the vertical residential tower with small apartments for the elderly.

The buildings’ folded developments create fine interruptions and structuring, thereby adapting the facility more harmoniously to the scale of the location. The integration of the orthogonal rooms into the polygonal floor plan creates an interior with differentiated spaces that open out towards the façade, where people can meet and relax.

The floors are staggered to bind the differentiated buildings together, while bands give the volumes their definitive expression. The reminiscence of a “moderate Modernity” produces a sensible combination of suburban location, volumetric structuring and assorted utilisation.

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Müllackerstrasse 2/4, 8152 Opfikon


Senior citizens centre


Competition 2007, 1st Prize


Daniela Frei, Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Tobias Ziegler