Wohnhaus Bauherrenstrasse, Zurich, 2010, Competition Shortlist

Structured villa development

The urban planning concept is aimed at retaining the central building and extending it with only one new building. This not only preserves the urban-planning order, but also the three buildings’ autonomy and differentiation. The slightly larger volume of the new building is structured by stepping and the development of loggias, thereby visually reducing its size.

The new building enables a villa-like single-winged typology, whereby the apartments are orientated towards all sides. Individual apartment types and different sizes are also possible. The loggias are developed as rooms and integrated into the building volume. Into the retained building two maisonette apartments are inserted without changing the supporting structure.

The appearance oscillates between modern independence and integration into the context, using openings, plaster and envelopes to pick up on historical examples, while applying modifications to them. The loggias are opened three-dimensionally, thereby recalling the pergolas of the gardens and neighbouring buildings.


Bauherrenstrasse 46–50, 8049 Zurich




Competition 2010, shortlisted


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, René Schrödl