Provisorische Busgates und Lounges FIG, Zurich, 1999, Competition Shortlist

Only flying is more beautiful

Three temporary bus-gate structures are required for three different locations at Zurich Airport. All the structures include lounge and waiting areas on the upper levels, while the ground floors differ. They contain diagonally arranged bus gates, a glazed entrance hall or an existing building with auxiliary uses.

Movement areas and stairs from the bus gates are situated in the central wing of the three-winged spatial arrangement, while the outer wings accommodate lounge, waiting and bar areas. The rauteshaped structure of the supporting structure creates spatial niches that allow attractive eye-level views through the building and out onto the runway. The exterior effect of the rauteshaped apertures inspires an initial sense of flying.

For reasons of scheduling and economy, the structure consists of assembled prefabricated elements. The primary structure is made of steel supports and steel trussed girders that can project on two sides. They are clad in a secondary structure made of timber exterior and plaster interior elements. The rauteshaped panel cladding inspires associations with large reptiles.

Reference image: SBB-Schnellzug-Wagen 1930's C4 8809 3rd class, Photo: Peter Walter 2007


Flughafen Zurich, 8058 Kloten


Airport Busgates


Wettbewerb 1999, shortlisted


Lorenzo Giuliani, Christian Hönger, Simon Hübscher, Christa Vogt