Aufnahmegebäude Bahnhof, St. Gallen , 2009—2018, Competition 1st Prize

Reception building, St. Gall Station

The preservation-listed reception building, which was constructed in 1913 by the architect Alexander von Senger, is redesigned on the ground-floor and basement levels. With the new eastern entrance, the longitudinal axis is opened throughout, restoring a public spatial sequence between the eastern and western pedestrian underpasses. The axis between the station square and Platform 1 remains open.

The station travel centre is moved to the passage with the shop rooms. In the entrance hall two-storey glass membranes partition the two gastronomic uses acoustically, allowing the former information hall to be used openly as an overall space, while the outer, colossal order of columns is transferred to the interior.

To fulfil today’s standards without undermining the existing structures, the supply with air, the air curtains and the sliding units are all integrated into the fittings and entrances to the commercial uses. These assumes and enhances the historical materialisation. The window frames and woodwork are in redly flashed oak, the floors in hexagonal clinker, while the walls and ceilings are again painted in Baroque white.


Bahnhofplatz, 9000 St. Gallen


Tiefbauamt Stadt St. Gallen, Hochbauamt Stadt St. Gallen, SBB Infrastruktur, SBB Immobilien


Railway station and forecourt


Competition 2009, 1. Prize

Planning period



best architects 2020

Flux Prize 2019

Prix Acier 2018, recognition


David Willen


Lorenzo Giuliani, Roger Heeb, Christian Hönger, Sonja Huber, Tryfonas Kalogiannis, Kristina Mueller, Sylvain Roumier, Alexandra Weis